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Meeting with the representatives of the Polish electric motor factory-manufacturer EMIT (CANTONI GROUP)

20 Апреля 2017

The dynamic development of the energy industry in Russia dictates strict requirements for the technologies and services offered on the market today. What can strengthen positions and give a special advantage? Joint work with reliable and trusted partners, which increases the potential and opportunities at least twice. The manufacturer company among partners often allows to offer customers attractive prices and convenient implementation schemes.

Meeting with the representatives of the Polish electric motor factory-manufacturer EMIT (CANTONI GROUP)

One of the reliable foreign partners of LLC «EnergoFront» is the electric motor factory-manufacturer EMIT (CANTONI GROUP, Poland)

On April 20, official negotiations between representatives of EMIT (CANTONI GROUP) and the management of EnergyFront were held in St. Petersburg. During the conversation the parties discussed the quarterly report on the promotion of EMIT products within the framework of ongoing projects. Particular attention was paid to the supply of electric motors for pumping units for the construction of nuclear icebreakers, which are produced at the Baltic factory under the state program. Following the meeting, additional agreements on the allocation of areas of responsibility during testing and certification of electric motors were reached, as well as the deadlines for the execution of the current manufacturing order and the conclusion of subsequent ones were settled and agreed upon. A comparative analysis of annual financial results for cooperation over the past years was also conducted. In conclusion, the companies outlined joint plans in partnership development.

The opinion of the Head of the Procurement Department of LLC «EnergoFront» Mikhail Gladushenko:

«We can describe the outcome of the meeting as positive. I will note the positive dynamics in the development of partnership relations with our Polish colleagues, which allows us to speak about the great prospects for cooperation».

With the wish of reliable partners,

Team EnergoFront #FrontPartner


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