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New deposit into development of corporate culture of EnergoFront

22 Ноября 2016

“Together people can make the thing that they are unable to make single-handed; unity of minds and hands, concentration of their power can be almighty.”

© Daniel Webster

New deposit into development of corporate culture of EnergoFront

The part of communication in modern society is constantly growing, it seems impossible to revalue the part of successful communication in development of organizations. The final aim of construction of corporate culture in company is consolidation of the staff, making the united information ground combining all the staff and encouraging to development and moving forward. Thus, the key direction to form corporate culture is a search of united vector of development.

To develop the staff and support communication, total corporate spirit in JSC “EnergoFront” the unique media product- electronic corporate paper “News EnergoFront”. The mission of the paper is forming relations among the colleagues as well as their unity with common ideology.

Daily via e-mil colleagues get fresh issue of the paper where actual information about market of power generation, data about effective working, list of useful business books, interview with colleagues and partners, etc. are published. The most important thing is that such a paper allows our staff to stay always informed the latest achievements, help to solidate the staff, form corporate culture, motivate the staff for new achievements and increase effectiveness of working. Care for competence and unity of the staff is an integral part of working of JSC “EnergoFront”.

Opinion of Sergey Donskov, the author of the project:

“I like writing and I always have something to share with my colleagues. It inspired the idea to make electronic paper” News EnergoFront”. We aren’t a big company; we have a lot of work, so we are pressed for time to communicate. Our paper has both information and communicative functions. It is spread also to the branch in Kazakhstan which staff we don’t see often.

Wishing you cozy working, EnergoFront Team #FrontCulture


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