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New Goals and New Hopes for the New Year

11 Января 2016
The team of EnergoFront Group is sending heartfelt season’s greetings to its colleagues and friends! We wish everyone success in their business, many new interesting events, achievement of every goal, good health and much love!

EnergoFront has closed 2015 with excellent results. This was the most successful year in the history of the company with respect to some financial indicators. We keep developing, and we face the future with confidence. In 2016, the company intends to develop its product portfolio, strengthen its position in a number of regions, enter new industry areas and expand the set of its engineering services. We continue enjoying the loyalty of our customers. Our partners appreciate the cooperation with EnergoFront Group. Our team has grown, matured and become more cohesive. This allows us to be sure that we meet all challenges we face.


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