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NPO «Elsib» PJSC and EnergoFront discussed cooperation plans for 2017

6 Марта 2017

In the modern world, interpersonal skills are often placed above professional ones. Success in business, in particular, depends on the ability to establish contact with any person, regardless of status. Regular meetings with partners have long been traditional for «EnergoFront». Personal communication is always an opportunity to discuss the development of cooperation between companies more productively and decide on a new direction of the movement together.

On 15th of February 2017 in Novosibirsk, representatives of LLC «EnergoFront» and NPO «Elsib» PAO had a meeting with a participation of management. During the meeting, the results of work for 2016 were summed up, report on the development of current joint projects was presented, and cooperation plans for 2017 were outlined. Special attention was paid to discussion of development principles, as well as possible corresponding changes in the terms of the partnership agreement between LLC «EnergoFront» and NPO «Elsib» PAO, which was signed several years ago.

At the end of the meeting, the General Director of the NPO «Elsib» PAO handed over to the representatives of LLC «EnergoFront» the extended partner certificates for 2017.

NPO «Elsib» PJSC and EnergoFront discussed cooperation plans for 2017

The opinion of the Head of the Procurement Department of LLC «EnergoFront» Mikhail Gladushenko:

«The result of the meeting with our colleagues from NPO «Elsib» PAO can be assessed as positive. It was possible to separately note already elaborated projects, check the execution of orders for the current ones. The results of our work in 2016 proved the effectiveness of cooperation in general. We showed that the level of trust between our companies is high enough that it will allow «EnergoFront», as an official representative, to continue the work on servicing, selling and promoting the products of NPO «Elsib» PAO. In particular, we reached the agreements to increase the sales of equipment in 2017. Live communication is always the best way to solve current problems and guarantee a stable development of long-term partnership relations».

With the wish of effective cooperation,

Team EnergoFront #FrontPartner


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