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One of the largest thermal power plants of Europe - partner of EnergoFront

22 Мая 2017

Kostromskaya TPP is the pride of the Russian energy sector, which has a Federal value and produces annually about 3% of the total generated electric power in the country which is supplied to 40 regions of Russia and neighboring countries. The plant is located in the city of Volgorechensk, emerged in 60s during its construction. Modern culture of maintenance and repair, as well as the high professional training of specialists allowed Kostromskaya TPP to achieve high reliability of equipment operation and become a model advanced enterprise not only in Russia but also abroad.

One of the largest thermal power plants of Europe - partner of EnergoFront

«EnergoFront» company became a partner of Kostromskaya TPP by winning a tender for the supply of desalination unit pumps of LEU of the power unit st. №7 (ЭБ №7).

Supporting the policy of JSC «Inter RAO» for energy saving and efficiency, modernized pumping units KsV 500-85-1 (Q = 500 m3/h, H=85 m.) with increased efficiency = 78% and also reduced vibration index up to 3,5 mm/s were presented at the contest. High efficiency is achieved through an optimized combination of 7/9 to the number of blades in the impeller and the channels in the guide.

The A355SMB6 U3 electric motor (200 kW, 992 rpm, 380 V, IM3011, manufactured by JSC «ELDIN», Yaroslavl) was selected as the drive for the SWR 500-85-1 pumps. Along with this, according to the customer's request, the electric motor will be modified for connection to the cable from below, and the arrangement of the pressure head and suction pipe of the pump will be made one-sided. This will reduce the total financial and time costs of the station for equipment installation.

The opinion of the Project Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Roman Topoev:

«This contest was won in a fierce struggle. Due to the high expertise and competence of our team, we managed to make the Customer a really good offer. We conducted our own detailed study of the technological solution that allowed us to carry out quality engineering modernization at the Kostromskaya TPP».

With a wish of new achievements,

Team Energofront #FrontProject


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