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Optimization of work at LLP «Astana-Energy» CHP-2 (Kazakhstan)

5 Мая 2017

Development of a methodology for determining the energy efficiency of the CHP plant is an important technical and economic task. It is aimed at the optimized use of resources that serve as fuel for the operation of the CHP plant and the economic efficiency of the plant. With the development of science, technology and economy, approaches to solving tasks of optimization the operating modes of power equipment are becoming more complicated.

Optimization of work at LLP «Astana-Energy» CHP-2 (Kazakhstan)

In the framework of modernization of LLP «Astana-Energy» CHP-2, in July 2017 LLC «EnergoFront» will supply a new electric motor. LLP «Astana-Energy» provides production of heat and electric energy for the needs of Astana and Akmola region. After analyzing the wishes of the operational services of the station, LLP «EnergoFront KZ» team offered the general contractor an electric motor 4AZM-4000/6000 UHL4 produced by NPO «Elsib» PJSC on the transition plate for the electric motor 2AZM-4000/6000, which was installed earlier. Separately worth noting that LLC «EnergoFront» managed to optimize the engine production time to 90 days, instead of the standard 150. Reducing the delivery time and selection of the engine on the transition plate will allow the general contractor to shorten the work execution time, and the final customer to avoid possible risks of high frequency vibrations in case of replacement of the foundation.

Supply of the electric motor 4AZM-4000/6000 UHL4 is included in the project of replacing the feed pump №1 PE-500-185-3T. JSC «Kazremrenergo» won the tender for the replacement of the feed pump. The plans to finish installation and aggregation work in August 2017.

The opinion of the director of LLP «EnergoFront KZ» Alexey Mikhailov:

«The main difficulty of this project was to find a balance between the requirements of the final Customer and the general contractor. Having studied thoroughly the problems of electric motor replacement, we were able to provide a solution that satisfied both sides. On the one hand, the station will receive high-quality equipment and reduce potential risks while operating it, on the other hand, the general customer will significantly shorten the work execution time, which will allow commissioning the equipment immediately before the start of the heating season».

With a wish for results,

Team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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