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Participation of EnergoFront in the reliability improvement program of PJSC RusHydro 2024-2025

15 января 2024

The Far Eastern Generating Company JSC held a competition for the right to supply high-voltage electric motors for the needs of the structural divisions of Far Eastern Generating Company JSC. Based on the results of the competitive procedure, EnergoFront’s application was recognized as the best.

ПАО «РусГидро»

To drive network pumps the electric motors of the 4AZM-1600/6000 series were selected by the EnergoFront's specialists together with the plant NPO "ELSIB" PJSC; for the feed pumps, electric motors of the 4AZM-2000/6000 4AZM-4000/6000 series were selected.Together with the JSC RUSELPROM plant, a vertical electric motor of the DVAN2-173-1600/6-12U3 series was developed to drive the circulation pump 96DPV, electric motors of the AOVM-355M-4U1 series were developed to drive the condensate pump KsV320-160, as well as electric motors for draft and blower mechanisms.The motors are manufactured in compliance with all required overall and mounting dimensions for installation on existing foundations, which ensures the unification of electric motors and also minimizes the cost of installation work. For the needs of the joint venture Vladivostok CHPP-2, EnergoFront together with designers from NPO ELSIB PJSC have developed a technical solution for the electric motor with the installation of a standard oil pump on the side of the first bearing in order to preserve the existing oil system.

Upon delivery of the equipment, service specialists from EnergoFront, as an official service partner, will carry out installation supervision and commissioning work on electric motors produced by PJSC ELSIB NPO and JSC RUSELPROM, which will allow compliance with warranty requirements.

With the wish of stable development,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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