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Perspectives of partnership with CG ElectricSystemsHungaryZrt

23 Декабря 2016

Cooperation with strategic partners is an absolute advantage for dynamics of a company’s development. Coordinated, based on goals outlined together, two companies movement always predict more rapid and effective growth. The role of partnership, especially tested by time and emerging challenges, is impossible to overrate. Often the doors that seemed to be closed before are opening, new horizons are getting discovered. One may say that power and energy increase twice so that speed and quality of tasks execution also double. Awareness of a search for key partners is already changing the attitude and approach to strategic planning.

Perspectives of partnership with CG ElectricSystemsHungaryZrt

On 23rd December 2016 in order to strengthen the relationship representatives of JSC EnergoFront have visited the factory of one of its strategic partners – leading world manufacturer of electric motors – CG ElectricSystemsHungaryZrt. This company is a part of the world industrial conglomerate Avanta Group and is a rapidly growing high-class supplier of equipment for electric power industry and engineering. Manufacturing facilities of the CG company are located in 9 countries (Asia, Europe, North America).

JSC EnergoFront has a status of a privileged partner of CG ElectricSystemsHungaryZrt and supplies equipment to CG company for the needs of energy power and heavy engineering industries on the market of Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2016 service agreement, that expands the authorities of JSC EnergoFront in questions connected with installation supervision of equipment and its backup service, was signed between companies.

During last negotiations, companies’ representatives analyzed results of the work for the past period, discussed issues of partnership, work optimization, draw up a plan of cooperation for 2017, conducted control of current manufacturing orders. Because of such bilateral work, well-established coordinated actions we are opening for each other new possibilities and confidently moving toward new projects.

Opinion of the Head of the Department of Procurement and Logistics of JSC EnergoFront Gladushenko Michail:

«We have been the official representatives of CG ElectricSystemsHungaryZrt in Russia since 2013. We may say that this is our discovery, we contributed to introduction of the company into the Russian market and implementing everywhere. Moreover, CG ElectricSystemsHungaryZrt covers the market of high-voltage electric motors in Russia. We have built effective cooperation with the company and it is bearing fruits for both sides. As a result, we have signed a Partnership Agreement regulating about the main points of contact, rules of cooperation and delivery terms. So in 2017 we have already outlined 2 projects, where CG ElectricSystemsHungaryZrt will be presented as an equipment supplier».

With the wish of strengthening partnership relations,

EnergoFront Team #FrontAgreement


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