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Presentation of the 13 best cases of LLC «EnergoFront»

28 Июля 2017

Corporate style is an image of a company that consists of a combination of a visual image and various graphic elements (from logos to business cards and forms), which are created in the same style.

The biggest advantage of the corporate style is that the company becomes more visible to future customers, recognizability is growing among a huge number of competitors. Corporate style consists of an individual approach to documents, color, advertising, presentation materials, souvenirs, etc. Branded products are one of the most effective points of contact with potential customers. This is what makes an impression, stimulates cooperation, and causes trust and interest.

Презентация 13 лучших кейсов ООО «ЭнергоФронт»

In July, the company «EnergoFront» presented a new brochure with a selection of 13 most interesting cases in the history of the company.

The booklet is decorated in corporate colors with a special rendering of visuals, selected individually for each case. Projects are presented in the form of a textual description using infographics.

Each case is a story of success, individual technological solutions, breakthrough ideas and hard work of the whole team.

The opinion of the Deputy General Director for development, shareholder, Viktor Chernyshov: «In EnergoFront we actively develop not only project activities, but also our corporate culture. One of its elements is our corporate booklet, which we recently decided to update, and now proudly presenting to our colleagues and partners. This presentation material is a story of victories that we are rightfully proud of.

13 cases are 13 bright innovative projects, representing the whole spectrum of the technological equipment supplied by us, and important applied project results. We are confident that the booklet will become an "assistant" to all managers and project managers in future negotiations with partners, and will open a new chapter in the book of our achievements».

With a wish of bright updates,

Team EnergoFront #FrontInfo


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