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Redesign of the official website of «EnergoFront»

26 Июня 2017

Site update is one of the main stages of work on its maintenance and optimization. Changes are essential to ensure that the site is relevant, popular and effective. Companies, which are regularly modernizing their own content, will always be ahead of the competition.

With the help of redesign, serious tasks are being solved: improvement of your website usability across devices, growth in load speed of its pages, raising readability, etc., which leads to increase in the search visibility of the website. Consequently, growing awareness of target audience about your company and sales.


LLC «EnergoFront» finishes the launch of the updated version of its official website with a stylish design, convenient interface and concise format.

The site design has not been changed already for several years, so rebranding was necessary. The website was developed in branded corporate colors. Turned out nice and modern. In addition, a new mobile version of the site is currently being developed, as well as groups in social networks.

The opinion of the Deputy General Director for development, shareholder of LLC «EnergoFront» Viktor Chernyshov:

«Every year we change, develop and improve the quality of the work. Soon we will be happy to present our updated official website. Not quite finished yet, being refined and filled with content, but now it is safe to say that it has become more informative and convenient. In the new version of the site we managed to achieve not only functional design, but also the implementation of adaptive layout, which means convenient work on any device: smartphone, tablet or monitor».

With the wish of cool updates,

Team EnergoFront #FrontInfo


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