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Russian Ministry of Energy cut down the rating of value of electric power industry by 26,5% - to 8,2 trillion RUB after modification of modernization project of electric power industry till 2020

25 Июля 2012
MOSCOW, 25 July( BigPowerNews) - Russian Ministry of Energy declared  the up-dated project scheme of the program of modernization  of electric power industry in Russian Federation till 2020.
In the document published yesterday it is said about the volume of investments into the project in the total amount of 8,226 trillion RUB. In the former project scheme appeared at the end of December 2011 and caused the criticism from power manufacturers, this index was 26, 5% higher and was equal to 11,2 trillion RUB.

Now it is suggested to invest into generating power 4,95trillion RUB instead of 6,5 trillion RUB announced earlier and into electric nets- 3,276 trillion RUB instead of 4,7 trillion RUB.

Program objective:  principal renovation of electric power industry of Russia on the platform of Russain  and world experience, overcoming growing technological gap, moral and physical worn-out of main funds, increasing reliability of energy supply  and energy safety of the country and on this basis decrease of taxes for electric and heat energy.


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