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The best gift is the sea

20 Марта 2018

Summer is a wonderful time, the most anticipated time for children! After all, in the summer, you can spend more time outside, more often walk on the street, eat ripe fruit and berries, take sunbath, swim and many more interesting things happen during this period of time! Inmates of Orphanages do not often go out to the sea, except for trips to summer camps located on the coast.

Лучший подарок - это море

«EnergoFront» annually supports the organization of summer camps for inmates of Siversky children's center located in the Leningrad region. According to the company's management, proper rest plays an important role in the physical, mental and intellectual development of the children.

This summer, children will visit the health camp «Delfin» in Feodosia. The trip will last 27 days.

The opinion of the Communications Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Olga Konstantinova: «The children of Orphanages are in the most urgent need of health, social rehabilitation activities and leisure. Kind and warm impressions are extremely important for them. However, unfortunately, for many of them, access to such rehabilitation and recreation in Russia is often limited, and mostly at all nonexistent. So we decided to give the kiddies a piece of the magic sea again! We hope that children will spend these 27 days with benefit, interest and take back with them a lot of positive emotions».

With the wish of kind projects,

team EnergoFront #FrontKindness


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