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The most important holiday of the year

22 Декабря 2017

Power Engineers’ Day – a holiday for those who have dedicated their lives to a very difficult, but important case for the country - give people heat and electricity. After all, energy experts provide sustainable and efficient operation of the energy system of our country. Cohesive team of the industry gives a strong foundation for the lives of millions of people who receive light and heat in their homes.

The path of development of domestic electricity, on which today we are confidently moving forward, was laid by previous generations of power engineers. The result of their work, which began 96 years ago, December 22, according to the GOELRO plan became the indisputable fact that today Russia is a leading energy Power of the world.

In our days, the energy sector provides the vital functions of all sectors of the national economy and largely determines the formation of the main financial and economic indicators of the country.

Самый главный праздник года!

Dear colleagues! Today we face new challenges. Energy and environmental security are coming to the forefront, as well as energy and budget efficiency. Power system of Russia evolves through the execution of tasks on construction of new and modernization of old capacities, and the widespread application of innovative technologies, implementation of energy saving measures, improvement of energy efficiency of the industry companies.

«EnergoFront» company makes the utmost effort to ensure that the energy facilities serve people without causing any doubt to its reliability. Inherent in our team discipline, organization and high professionalism further will allow solving successfully the most complex tasks for improving safety and reliability of the power system of the country, its technological upgrades.

On this festive day, we sincerely wish all the power engineers that all the changes lead necessarily for the best, and competence, professionalism and great sense of responsibility always help to complete the task. Let there be enough warmth and light in your home and soul, all your plans come true, and life is often smiling and prosperity to you and everyone who is dear!

With the best wishes,

team EnergoFront #FrontHoliday


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