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The next feeding pump was put in operation at Zainsk GRES

19 Августа 2014
Operations of commissioning ,start-up, and complex testing of feeding pump АПЭ 580-195-5  in set with electric motor 4АМЗ-5000\6000 with output 5MW were finished at Zainsk GRES ( branch of JSC “Generating Company”). Activities were held under the project of technical reinforcement of energy unit №12 including replacement of stator winding of turbo generate and feeding pump №12B. The pump has been operated earlier for more than 40 years (since 1972) and its service life was expired. This pump was the second in the program of equipment modernization at Zainsk GRES. The new pump aggregate has high efficiency (about 85%) via modernized flow part, and improved shaft-end seals.
Specialists of service department of JSC “EnergoFront” were highly apprised by the Customer.


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