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VOITH searches the ways to develop business at Russian market with EnergoFront

4 Марта 2016
Depreciation of Russian ruble, policy of import phase-out as well as decreasing of investments into development of energy efficient technologies became the reasons to decrease demand for equipment of the well-known manufacturer of regulation hydro-couplings VOITH Turbo in 2015. The reasons that caused the current situation and the ways out were discussed at the meeting on the top management of the company with the representatives of JSC “EnergoFront”.

The actions suggested by JSC “EnergoFront”   include  forming of packet offers for the main types of hydro couplings, changes in price policy and service regulations. All above mentioned will be taken into account during the design of further cooperation between the companies for the nearest   three years. Besides VOITH will implement the program of localization of   manufacturing in Russia. Modern production area will be located in Kazan.


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