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EnegroFront has finished legal reorganization

30 Декабря 2016

With careful attitude towards forming the work of organization over and over again we return to detailed analysis of all business processes. After identifying structures that could work more effectively, there is a prediction of certain changes to enhance its benefits. This optimization works only for the company, covering its weaknesses.

EnegroFront has finished legal reorganization

In our work we are trying not to miss the opportunities that will help us to become even stronger and work more efficiently. Consequently at the end of the last year after careful analysis the decision of reorganization the company was made. On 26th December 2016 the procedure of reorganization of JSC EnergoFront in the form of transformation into LLC EnergoFront has finished. LLC EnergoFront is a full legal successor of all rights and obligations of JSC EnergoFront. This reorganization was conducted with a purpose of expenses optimization in legal and administrative support of the company, as well as to simplify the further consolidation of the company's assets. Such measures will reduce administrative burden and increase the efficiency of management of the company.

Due to completed reorganization in LLC EnergoFront, company was included in the register of subjects of small and medium-sized enterprises again that gives us the right to participate in tenders.

Opinion of the Senior Economist of LLC EnergoFront Svetlana Skalkina:

«From 1st January 2016 all joint stock companies were excluded from the register of subjects of small and medium-sized enterprises. From this moment, that condition remains only for LLC. For us it was a significant factor, because we were literally closed from participation in competitive applications. Of course our work was aimed at reorganization of the company in LLC EnergoFront. Now we are open to productive cooperation again».

With the wish of sustainable growth,

EnergoFront Team #FrontInfo


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