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News from the icebreakers «Siberia» and «Ural»

30 Июля 2018

Within the framework of a large-scale project of the company LLC «EnergoFront» for the supply of equipment to the icebreakers «Ural» and «Siberia» acceptance and acceptance tests are in process. This time the work of receiving frequency converters for drives of circulating pumps of the icebreakers were conducted jointly with representatives of JSC «CHEAZ», FSUE «Atomflot» and JSC HMS «Livgidromash».

Новости с ледоколов «Сибирь» и «Урал»

All planned works were carried out in regular mode without failures and comments. Protocols, acts and other necessary documents have been signed.

The opinion of the leading Technical Support Engineer Ilya Pisarevsky: «“CHEAZ” company has shown itself as a responsible and high-quality manufacturer of drive equipment. Thanks to the joint efforts and coordinated work of our companies, the equipment will arrive at the shipyard of the Baltic plant on time and will be installed on icebreakers. We are fully satisfied with the results of the conducted works».

With the wish of stable success in everyday work,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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