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Winning the tender of the energy holding «INTER RAO»

12 Апреля 2017

Regular improvement of work technologies, use of the latest techniques, as well as constant desire to be at the peak of technological progress allows us to implement the best solutions in the area of the services offered. However, not only technical solutions win today. Individual and comprehensive approach to solving the client's tasks plays not a secondary role.

Winning the tender of the energy holding «INTER RAO»

«EnergoFront» company once again proved that it is ready to cope with any complex tasks by winning a tender for the delivery of pumping units for the reconstruction of pumping station No.7 of Bashkir Generation Company LLC. BGC LLC is a part of the energy holding «Inter RAO». The goal of the end customer was to replace three existing network pumping units SE-2500-60 (Q = 2500 m3/h, H = 60 m) with pumps with higher capacity. For deliveries within the framework of this project, specialists of LLC «EnergoFront» have chosen a new line of Delium pumps, which are produced in Russia at the factory of JSC «HMS Livgidromash». Pumps of type D350-530A were offered to BGC LLC. Due to high energy efficiency parameters, these pumps, while maintaining the old capacity of the electric motor (630 kW), increase the parameters to Q = 3000 m3/h and H = 65 m, that will meet the requirements of all new connected heat consumers in Ufa and bring additional profit to BGC LLC. To ensure the smooth start of pumping units and to avoid hydraulic shock of pipelines and motor overloads during the launch phase, the pump units will be equipped with three start-up devices (one for each pump) and one common control cabinet.

After reviewing and agreeing on all technical and commercial aspects, BGC LLC accepted the EnergyFront proposal. Currently, the process of signing the contract and placing the equipment in production is underway. Scheduled delivery date in accordance with the wishes of the customer is the third decade of 2017. In addition, the service department of LLC «EnergoFront» will provide BGC LLC with a set of services for supervising the installation of all supplied equipment.

The opinion of the Head of the Energy Equipment Sales Department of LLC «EnergoFront» Artem Musikov:

«Winning the tender of «Inter RAO» is an incredible success for our company. Until now, BGC LLC station had imported pump units. We managed to persuade the customer to choose domestic equipment that is not inferior in its technical and operational characteristics to Western analogues. Of course, there were technical difficulties. In particular, it was necessary to maintain the capacity of electric motors, that had already been installed at the station, while increasing the pump parameters. This problem has also been successfully solved by us».

With the wish of bright victories,

Team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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