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Our service engineers don't just carry out management of assembling, start-up and guarantee maintenance of equipment, but they also provide all complex of activities on preparation, executing of technical requirements, quality control, and report about results to Client.

Preparation for assembling of equipment starts a couple of months before the working. Service staff works out all further technological operations to be used during installations of equipment at site in details. A great number of questions are decided when equipment is accepted on factory benches. Our partners-manufacturers provide all necessary technical materials and consultations to perform working at high level at operation site. We have designed technological procedure of assembling, determination of necessary recourses (assembling staff, equipment, materials) and requirements to them that can form net schedule which let all parties of project (Client, designer, contractor) see the time period of all assembling, its stages, control points of executed stages, time intervals of attraction of domain experts and special equipment. In every project, our service specialists coordinate net schedule with all parties. Such approach let us have assembling activities effectively and routinely that in turn can allow us to see possible issues avoid conflicts and emergency situations.

During assembling and start-up EnergoFront service engineers in cooperation with Client's specialists make diagnostics of equipment with taking all necessary data in accordance to operational documentations and give permission to acceptance tests.


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