Знания и опыт
         в прогресс и эффективность

Operation monitoring

It's important to provide working efficiency of machines and aggregates, their proper operation, and on-time technical service to have continuous technological process in any industry. Audit of technical state, prediction of limited operation life and assistance of safe operation of equipment are a difficult and complicated organizational procedure.

One of the top tasks for the service department of our company is to make technical policy on long-period operation of equipment. In cooperation with our partners-manufacturers we are making complex of activities aimed to provide constant readiness of supplied equipment for operation at site and soon we are going to show our service programs to the clients. The main point in this work is foreign equipment. Unlike Russian plants not all foreign companies represented by EnergoFront have their own industrial and repairing recourses and store programs on spare parts on the territory of Russia. Thus, now we actively work on mutual searching and attestation of repairing companies, in accordance with existing technical requirements, that will become our strategic partners to provide repairing service in warrantee and post-warranty periods.

Using many years of practice of our foreign partners on their target area markets, the list of spare parts necessary for repairing was formed. Some spare parts as well as instrumental and control can be purchased in Russia via their catalogue numbers of their manufacturers. Besides, purchase and logistics department has worked out the fastest ways to delivery spare parts from the countries where foreign producers are located to Russia. Our company is ready to provide the fastest way to take emergency equipment abroad in case of repairing on the territory of foreign plants.


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