Знания и опыт
         в прогресс и эффективность

Preliminary building-block design

In the volume of equipment supplied by EnergoFront the bigger share is occupied with aggregates including except main mechanism also auxiliary systems and some elements of drive (electric motor, coupling of enclosure and regulation). Supplying of complex sets of equipment, their start-ups and bearing of guarantee obligation put a great responsibility upon our company. To make sure sets of equipment are ready to be installed at site of operation our specialists carry out preliminary erection of aggregates on specialized industrial sites. During preliminary setting and centering adjustment of equipment correspondence of completeness of supplied equipment with specifications, mounting dimensions of aggregates, frame and technological piping is determined; amount and size of additional parts are specified. It allows shortening the time for commissioning and start-up at site of operation itself.

EnergoFront service engineers have worked out principals of cooperation with some industrial sites in some regions of Russia which are specialized on such adjustments. All activities are 100 % controlled by service engineers of our company.

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