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Working with reclamations

Unfortunately, sometimes it's impossible to avoid situations connected with technical problems with equipment in the process of its operation. Realizing all the obligations before the Clients and expecting long partnership with Clients our company has worked out some approaches. We don't keep to the motto "to get rid of the reclamation by all means", but in tight cooperation with Client's operational staff we are trying to value the situation objectively.

Having business trip to the operation site, our service engineers estimate real conditions and operational duties, the kind and intensity of breakdown. If it is necessary to have the permission from manufacturers the disclosure of aggregate is done with providing detailed photo report, acts and conclusions. After that the cooperation work with manufacturers starts. As a result of this work the offer with further activities is formed.

We constantly improve business procedures connected with quality of work over reclamations with our partners at the stage of data gathering and offer selection, with speed of production processes starting from deputation of own specialists to the site finishing with repair either at plant or at operation site. We managed to solve most part of reclamations on our own: fast collecting of initial information including the one by means of diagnostic equipment, partial disclosure of aggregates and examination of assemblies and items, preparation of reports and cooperation with technical departments at plants to make quick decision and offer a solution. Besides, we participate in informing schedule of activities aimed to exclude possible problems in production chain.


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